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Lee John 

Lee John Blackmore, is a prominent British musician, guitarist, singer, and renowned YouTuber. With an impressive online presence boasting over 60 million views and a substantial subscriber base exceeding 444 thousand, LJ has made a significant mark in the digital realm. While his YouTube channel has garnered substantial attention, LJ's musical journey traces back to the 2000s, fueled by a lifelong passion for music.

LJ's creative wellspring draws from a diverse range of musical inspirations, ranging from legendary figures to contemporary artists. While he acknowledges and pays homage to these influences, LJ stands apart by forging a distinct musical identity that blends elements of his unique artistic sensibilities.

Beyond his roles as a performer and YouTube content creator, LJ is a versatile artist who also delves into music composition. His compositions have found their way into popular TV shows worldwide, underscoring the universal appeal and adaptability of his musical creations. LJ's creative prowess extends beyond music, with a portfolio of published works as a painter and photographer, showcasing his multifaceted talents across diverse mediums.

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